Why to Watch “14 Reasons To Be Alive”

If you are solely interested in films starring celebrities made by powerhouse production companies, stop reading. If you care about films that value storytelling and inspiring messages that seek to make the world a better place, 14 Reasons to Be Alive will pique your interest.


In a moment of desperation, Penelope La Chance attempted yet failed to end her life. In the days leading up to her attempt, she watched the entire 13 Reasons Why series. During her stay at the psychiatric hospital, Penelope’s therapist has her come up with 14 reasons why she’s happy to be alive. Each 3-5 minute episode captures one of her reasons.

This exercise in positive thinking was not expected to single-handedly cure her depression. Only a combination of time, therapy, and perhaps medication could achieve that. However, Penelope’s therapist knew one thing for certain: no one struggling with depression should hear 13 detailed reasons to die by suicide. That’s why she instructs Penelope to reflect on her life, and find comfort and meaning in the ups and downs. What are Penelope’s 14 reasons? Watch and see.

After 13 Reasons Why came out, I read varying reviews about the show; some praising its message, and others firmly denouncing its romanticization of suicide. My personal  evaluation was more in line with the latter type of reviews (such as this one from USA Today). My reaction was definitely influenced by my friend currently struggling with depression, who came to me sobbing after just finishing 13 Reasons. He’s not the only one; many others close to me have also been affected by mental illness and hated the show. I was motivated to not only help bring mental health issues to light in any way possible, but also reach out to those who were negatively impacted by 13 Reasons. The result: 14 Reasons to Be Alive.


Reasons To Watch

  1. You watched 13 Reasons Why and found it upsetting, disturbing, depressing, etc.
  2. You have not seen 13 Reasons Why, but have heard about the controversy associated with the series
  3. You know someone who is/has been depressed
  4. You are/have been depressed
  5. You enjoy sentimental messages
  6. You believe that mental health should be discussed
  7. You believe that mental health is unfairly stigmatized
  8. You want to learn about how mental illness impacts victims and their family/friends
  9. You want to be moved emotionally by a film
  10. You like to laugh and be entertained
  11. You are curious about how mental illness can be portrayed in film
  12. You enjoy original soundtracks
  13. You like mysteries
  14. You want to support independent production companies

Watch the trailer here.

Production Company

14 Reasons To Be Alive was written, filmed, edited, scored, and produced by Butterfly, an independent production company. To learn more about Butterfly, click here.

The show will be released on January 9, 2018. Episodes will be uploaded to Youtube for 7 straight weeks: Episodes on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with behind-the-scenes and other specials on Thursdays.

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