What’s the box?

Butterfly uses “the box” as a symbol for the way people think about something. What do we want to do about the box? Challenge it. The box is not inherently wrong, and we recognize that there is no one right, moral, or proper way to see the world around us. This is why we take on projects that are driven by artists’ and directors’ desires to challenge the way people see a particular issue, concept, or story. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, because the box isn’t thinking about you.

Imagine a caterpillar to be a current set of beliefs an audience holds. There is nothing wrong with caterpillars, but we think that there is something wrong with going through life without ever realizing how your beliefs can be challenged, influenced, or transformed. With Butterfly’s help, your idea provides the cocoon that can foster this metamorphosis, ultimately inspiring audiences to consider a more holistic perspective. Our invitation to “join the swarm” encourages you to be a part of this constant metamorphosis of thought.